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WA Infant Mental Health Associate, Certified Full Spectrum Doula, Childbirth Educator

Leslie Webb, IMH-E®
Program Supervisor 
Pronouns: she/her/hers


Leslie is an accomplished Infant Mental Health Endorsed Associate for Washington State, a Full Spectrum Doula, and a Childbirth Educator. With over two decades of experience as an Early Educator, Leslie excels in creating nurturing environments conducive to children's growth and parental resilience.  Leslie tirelessly advocates for the advancement of Black Maternal Health, Rights, and Justice, aiming to address the injustices faced by African American babies and their families. She is committed to serving the communities of Black and African American birthing people and families with children ages 0-3 in King and Pierce County. Leslie’s dedication to advocating for Black Infant and Maternal Health is also evident in her role as a Community Advisory Board Member of the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department Black Infant Health Program. Her approach is characterized by empathy, cultural sensitivity, and a trauma-informed lens, making her a trusted advocate and leader in her community.

Randi's degree in Early Childhood Education has provided her with many transferable skills and an empathetic outlook for populations who are furthest away from sustainable lives. As a trained instructional assistant along with case management experience, Randi's ultimate goal is to ensure individuals reach self-sufficiency and gain the skills needed to reach their short- and long-term goals through positive channels of education and mentorship. 


Randi has many years of hands-on experience in direct engagements and the necessary training to help people overcome obstacles, despite external influences. Subsequently, Randi has successfully nurtured relationships with those in crisis as an advocate working with families facing instability and has supported the belief that building a strong prosperous community will help society as a collective grow, flourish, and thrive.  

Michelle has many certifications in Early Childhood Education and is an experienced Head Start Teacher and elementary school Program Manager. Michelle continues to explore multiple ways in practicing different approaches in family support and educating children as they prepare for their learning journey. She believes that partnering with families helps to solidify the foundation in a child's developmental stages for successful lifelong learning experiences. 

Randi Kemp, Parent Educator

Early Childhood Educator and Case Management Experience

Michelle Curry,
Parent Educator

Head Start and Secondary Program Management Experience

Starlene is the Owner and Founder of Howard House Nonprofit, a nonprofit focused on supporting the homeless and pregnant mothers. As a certified Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Postpartum Doula and Lactation Specialist and mommy of 5, Starlene has a passion for philanthropy in advocating on the behalf of mothers, babies and individuals who aren’t as capable, lowering health disparities and increasing the quality of life in both mothers and their subsequent generations.

Starlene Howard, Parent Educator

Certified Postpartum Doula and Lactation Specialist 

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Tatiana Calasan Snead, Parent Educator

Tatiana is a dedicated Parent Educator with a background in sociology and extensive experience in the nonprofit sector. Her passion lies in Early Literacy and Childhood Development, where she has honed her expertise over the years. Tatiana prioritizes advocating for and supporting families with young children, particularly those from marginalized communities. With a belief that a child's success and confidence starts at home, she has worked with children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. As a mother of two herself, Tatiana is deeply passionate about working with and advocating for the Black and African American families and children in her community, aiming to collaboratively build a solid foundation for their educational journey and future. 

Dorcas, also known as Ms. Dee, draws on over 20 years of experience to provide personalized care, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual's journey. Her empathetic approach fosters a safe and trusting environment where clients feel understood and supported, utilizing therapeutic modalities such as Talk Therapy, CBT, and MI to collaboratively set and achieve goals. 


With a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Washington and a Licensed Social Work Associate, Ms. Dee firmly believes in the transformative power of Maternal Mental Health therapy and is dedicated to helping our program families achieve and maintain their mental health and well-being.

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Dorcas "Ms. Dee" Benson, LICSWA, 


Maternal Mental Health Specialist

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