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What we do...

The ICCFS PAT Program partners specifically within the African American population who have children prenatal through 3 years old. Using a national research-based curriculum, Parent Educators support parents during their child's crucial early years of life by providing the information, resources and encouragement parents need to help their children develop a foundation for later school success and lifelong learning. 

What we offer...

Families within the African American community who live in King and Pierce County have many opportunities to be involved in the parenting program. There are five main components and parents can choose the one that fits their needs best; in fact many families participate in multiple program areas as some of the services overlap.


These components include:

  • PAT Home Visitation Program

  • Teen Parenting Program

  • Kinship Support, Education and Resources

  • Community Networks and Resources

  • Employment resources and job training education encouraging self-sufficiency


We welcome parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, guardians and caregivers; providing resources for the whole family. 


We are currently enrolling families who:

  • Live in King and Pierce County

  • Have one or more children ages 0-3 years of age

  • Prenatal mothers

  • Are able to commit to monthly or bi-weekly visits with their personal certified parent educator

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